Initial Dispute

Reason Logged: Spam
Unban time if dispute unsuccessful is Tuesday 19th of January 2038 04:14:07 AM UTC/GMT
Posted at 2019-01-10 16:47:03
Am i not gonna get unbanned ever? I just want to know. Thanks.


2019-01-10 17:46:08
'Unban time if dispute unsuccessful is Tuesday 19th of January 2038 03:14:07 AM UTC/GMT'
2019-01-11 10:41:41
Alright then, i will join the game in 2038. Thanks again.
2019-01-11 15:30:55
You were banned numerous times for numerous issues.

Let me start at the beginning for you,
You have been banned four times, and here are the reasons,
Spamming, Rude, Cheating & Bug Abuse.

You are also known to try evading bans, and more importantly, we admins really don't like you because you have a severe case of absolute cunt.

Does this clear up why we got fedup and made your ban permanent? (Which due to how the system is coded, just appears as a date in the future when Sumo won't exist anymore)
2019-01-11 18:16:42
Well, i know i was rude sometimes because others were rude to me as well. I abused bugs a few times without knowing its not legal, then i was informed and i stopped doing it.

Finally i spammed because it was too much for me all the things that i've been through in the server so I was like ''alright enough with this shit.'' Yeah i know that was a mistake i only accept that.

For cheating i have nothing to say because i know i have never cheated, i don't even know how to cheat, so that's hilarious.

For evading ban, well i am banned till 2038 so after like 8 months i wanted to join the game. I think i had enough, that's my personal opinion of course.

I don't know why don't you guys like me exactly, especially when we look at the other players who have worse behavior than me, but it's okay. And i know there are some admins who don't hate me at least.

Short story, i won't beg to get unbanned, but i think i had enough like i said. But of course it's your call. Thank you.
2019-01-13 14:51:32
Dispute Closed. The user will not be unbanned until the ban expiry date, displayed at the top of the dispute.