Initial Dispute

This ban has expired
Posted at 2018-01-09 20:12:09
I want to congratz u Crystal I will not argue about my ban I was just playing with a different home's wifi and u banned me.Good job really.Do u think that u r doing your job well ? There r so many players palying with 400 - 500 players and mine was just around 150 - 200 dont u think that there may be some bad connection times for the nets .So wtf is this nonsense of VPN user ? I wish admins who make wrong ban can be banned too.Cuz this is the 5th time that u r banning me such silly reasons .


2018-01-09 20:14:01
Why does it matter what your ping is? That isn't the reason for your ban.

Your IP is detected as a VPN, and that is against the rules. That is the only thing that matters here.
2018-01-09 20:15:44
As above, you were playing via a VPN. It is clearly stated that this is against the rules.
2018-01-09 20:32:56
Ok let's make it clear.At least u can warn me, cuz I didnot know that using vpn is problem, but without doing it direclty banned me, good.As I said I was playing in my diffrent friend's house and after u said that there is a vpn problem I asked them and they said that yes our net has vpn.Sorry but really u can continue to believe in noobs claims instead of believing constant players.U r looking for reasons to ban me .So thank u.I will not argue about it anymore!
2018-01-09 20:33:52
The /rules clearly state that using a VPN is against the servers rules. That is where your warning is, and it is not our fault if you do not read it.
2018-01-09 20:40:07
For some reason or other always u r right, not us RDL.
2018-01-09 20:40:56
Yes. I am right. Do you know why? Because I coded the server, I know where the warning is. It isn't my fault if you didn't bother yourself to read them.
2018-01-09 20:53:18
Yes u and your admins r right.Do you know why ? Johnny banned me cuz I used flip even it exists in the game.Timid banned me cuz according to him , even three of my friends and I , playing at the same time with different computers and different accounts .Just we were using the same wifi.And he thought that I was sharing my account.And u banned me cuz according to u I was using flyhack, but there was a bug in the game at that time.So instead of being carefull, always u r right.Because u coded the server and instead of telling us in a kind tone always trying to make insinuation .U did not lose anything, maybe.But just u and your admins have no more my respect.Cuz after a while it is becoming like a shit.
2018-01-09 20:54:37
Then that is something that you should have contested at the time on the forum. Don't complain about something when you should have taken action at the immediate time of it.
2018-01-18 20:10:38
Dispute Closed. The user was unbanned.